Owned and operated in Northern Colorado by Chadrick Gardner

Raise Tech, based in Northern Colorado, is more than just a concrete raising company—it’s an owner-operated venture dedicated to personalized service. When you engage with Raise Tech, you engage directly with Chadrick Gardner, the owner himself. Chadrick doesn’t just oversee the work; he delivers the service, and your warranty comes directly from his commitment.

At Raise Tech, there’s no intermediary—no hired help to navigate. Chadrick Gardner embodies Raise Tech, ensuring you receive the exceptional service and attention to detail characteristic of a small business. Here, you’re not just another client; you’re valued for the individual attention and care you deserve.

Our Technology

We Use the Latest Expert Concrete-Raising Techniques!

Polyjacking involves injecting high-density polyurethane foam to lift and level existing concrete—a technique employed by Raise Tech to rescue sinking and cracking surfaces. Our foam, though hard as rock once set, shares similarities with everyday foam used in homes, cars, clothing, and various aspects of daily life. This makes it exceptionally safe and even USDA certified Biobased, ensuring an environmentally ‘Green’ solution.

Replacing damaged concrete can be an expensive and arduous task. At Raise Tech, we offer a swift, clean, eco-friendly, and affordable alternative. Using this advanced technology, we elevate your existing concrete in just three simple steps, accomplishing what might take days through conventional methods—all completed within hours.

Mixes concrete. Handsome Indian man is on the construction site