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At Raise Tech, we excel in employing state-of-the-art techniques for concrete elevation, reviving sunken or settled driveways, sidewalks, porches, garage floors, and other surfaces to their former glory. Our pioneering methods not only deliver enduring and effective repairs but also offer substantial savings by avoiding the expense of full replacements.

Concrete stairs and concrete wall

Learn how we do it!

Allow Raise Tech to simplify your concrete issues in just three straightforward steps:

Firstly, it’s essential to note that most concrete raising tasks typically take between one to five hours from start to finish. Once completed, your concrete is immediately ready for use!

  1. Using precise poly foam concrete raising methods, we strategically drill ⅝” injection holes (about the size of a dime) around the sunken areas needing lifting.

  2. Our specialized concrete raising equipment, housed in a truck or trailer, includes a lengthy hose that easily reaches most locations requiring repair.

  3. With everything set up and the materials in place, we inject polyurethane foam through these holes. This foam fills the void beneath the concrete slab, utilizing the slab’s structure to lift it back to its original level. After leveling, we discreetly fill the injection holes with new cement, allowing immediate use of your surface. It’s a straightforward process—drill, pump, and patch—your concrete is instantly usable!

At Raise Tech, we proudly use HMI products, a leader in polyurethane injection known for unparalleled quality. Should your concrete need urgent attention, we can connect you with the trusted experts recommended by us to resolve your concerns.

Efficient Service

Once we leave your driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor - it's ready for use! You won't be waiting for the concrete to set.

Qualified Team

Our technicians are HMI University graduates and are fully qualified to pump your slab back in place, making it look brand new once again.

Affordable Pricing

Concrete raising provided by Raise Tech is just a fraction of the cost of replacing settling concrete!


If you have continued settling problems, Raise Tech will come repump your concrete at no charge. Restrictions may apply.

We're Confident In Our Proven Solutions:


This driveway had settled two inches and needed repair before it cracked, causing further damage. We raised it back into place, enabling proper drainage and providing a lasting result.

Garage Entry

This garage's driveway had sunken considerably, causing difficulty in rolling anything in or out and making the garage harder to access. We had no problem repairing it and remediating both the sinking and cracking.

Front Step

All steps have a legal code height for safety purposes. This one settled and needed to be fixed, but it is a common occurrence and we had no problem quickly repairing it!

Porch Posts

Porch settling is a common problem. In this scenario, posts were separating from the house, causing potential for serious further damage. This was resolved at only a fraction of what it would have cost if replaced instead.